Saturday, August 28, 2010

* Garam Masala

Garam masala is  the  basis of many of the  Indian  curries and  gravies.Many think the store-bought verity is  the best.but  me tell ya,,there is  nothing compared to  freshly  ground garam masala...mmmmmmmm,the  smell is just heavenly.This fresh ground  garam masala when added to  any curry takes it to  another level of ecstasy.
I always  prepare this in small amount and my  obedient  kitchen Gadget coffee grinder is a big Savior for  me, which is now  an absolute  necessity in my  kitchen . All the measures are approx,so if you like some flavor more than the other,then you  can do  some  plus /minus accordingly.


1. Star anise  - 1.5 stars
2. Cloves      -10-14 numbers
3. Cadamom - 10-12  numbers
4. Whole pepper - 15-20 numbers
5. Cumin             - 1/2 tsp
6. Cinnamon       - 2 inch stick
7. Mace             - 1 tsp(optional,but gives a nice  flavour)

Procedure :

Grind  everything in a coffee grinder for  about a minute and use as soon as possible.If you have some left overs then keep it in airtight container, but try to finish it soon, the  nice aroma doesn't last  longer.

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You can  dry roast the  whole  spices for   enhanced  flavour.


  1. I make it more or less the same way :)...nice click..

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