Monday, May 24, 2010

* Stuffed Mushroom

                       Stuffed Mushroom is  one great finger food to serve for  any cocktail parties. It is tastes awesome and is good if you  have some vegetarian guests around. One evening I just  mixed all the  ingredients  together which I  love such as bell peppers,celery(because of the  health benefits I love to add this wherever I can specially my husband doesn't eat celery as such  so I try to  disguise it as much as possible and strangely he loves them :) ),Mozzarella cheese,garlic...etc and it came out real good.Got a   great review from my extremely choosy  husband.And we love to eat each mushroom in a  bite so I specially love the smaller ones.

Here goes the recipe:
 For this recipe all the  veggies are  finely chopped, so that  you get each veggie in  each bite which makes it very flavourful.


1. Button mushrooms - 15 nos
2. Celery                    - 1 tb sp(finely chopped )
3. Garlic                     - 1 tb sp(finely chopped)
4. Green Bell Pepper - 2 tb sp (finely chopped)
5. Orange bell pepper - 2 tb sp (finely chopped)
6. Onion                     -4 tb sp (finely chopped )
7. Mozzarella cheese   - 1/2 cup(Shredded)
8. Parmesan cheese     - few pinches
9. Olive oil                  - 1.5 t sp
10. Dry Oregano          -1/2 tsp(optional)
11. Salt                         - to taste

Procedure :

1. Clean and remove the  stem from the mushrooms.Keep the stem for using them in for  stuffing.
2. Chop the stem  finely and keep  all the finely veggies and  preheat the oven.
3. Now  heat the pan and add 1/ t sp  Olive oil and place the de-stemmed mushrooms on the  hot pan for 3- 
    4  minutes.Take them  out  and keep aside.
4. Add the rest 1 t sp  Olive oil to the pan and throw in the onion,then celery's , when these ingredients
  are little cooked(not browned) add the chopped mushroom stalks.When Mushrooms are cooked for
  about  3 minutes,,add garlic and  finally add the bell peppers at the end so that they remain crunchy.
5. Finally add 2 tb sp grated mozzarella cheese and turn off the heat.Give   it a quick  mix and now the 
    stuffing is ready.
6. Take  the Mushrooms and  fill in the Stuffing.(Here if you divide the  stuffing as per your number of 
     mushrooms it will be  easy )
7. Now  these mushrooms go to the pre heated oven for 10 minutes on 350 degree Celsius.After 10 minutes
    take  them out and sprinkle some mozzarella cheese and  Parmesan cheese  on top of each
    mushroom.And then  goes back to oven for  5 more minutes in broil mode.
8. Now the tasty stuffed mushrooms are ready to serve.

The beauty of this dish is the stuffing options are numerous and just go by your  instinct you will find something very new with  every other option.

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  1. they just look awesome ...had never heard of them :)

  2. Hi...this is really yummy and looks great...

  3. Stuffed mushrooms looks awesome..great finger foods.
    Lovely blog dear..lots of wonderful and delicious recipes:)

  4. looks so perfect and delicious...yummy yumm

  5. @Sayali,Treat n trick,Suja,Sarah,,Thankx a lot,it surely is encauraging & I felt so good when I saw your commets on the dish,these days it is my friday after work snack,,I luv it coz its easy to make and tastes so good.