Saturday, May 1, 2010

* Fish Curry in Coconut Gravy

            This is one excellent fish curry (my favourite) which my mom makes. And she learnt it long time back from my dad's best friend's wife. Thanks Tamilmani aunty for giving mom this excellent recipe. My mom often used to make this whenever I used to go home for vacation and I make sure I eat it in lunch as well as in dinner. It tastes nice in lunch but in dinner it is awesome..coz the gravy and flavour is infused in fish by night. I compare this dish with wine ,,as it gets better as it ages :).I feel nostalgic whenever I eat this dish,,reminds of the comfort and cosiness of my parent's home and  the love of my Mom. Everybody has some special memories of home,,for me this is just one  of the many fond memories and it is  like carrying your heritage now :)

Here goes the recipe

Ingredients for the gravy:

1. Fresh grated coconut --1 cup
2. Chopped Onion --1/4 cup
3. Pepper corn -- 5-6
4. Whole Cumin -- 1 tsp
5. Garlic Cloves -- 1-2 cloves will do
6. Liquified Tamarind Pulp -- 8-10 cups(From 2 tb sp pulp)
7. Coriander powder -- 1 tb sp
8. Turmeric Powder -- 1 tsp
9. Red chili powder -- 1/2 tsp(adjust to your taste)
10. salt(to your teste)

Ingredients for Curry :

1. Fish - 1 lb(approx 450 gms,I use Tilapia steaks for this preparation)
2. Chopped Onion -- 1/2 cup
3. Fenugreek Seed -- 1/2 tsp
4. Mustard seeds -- 1 tsp
5. Whole red chilly -- 2
6. Curry leaves -- 10
7. Vegetable oil -- 7-8 tb sp

Preparation :
1. In a blender put the grated coconut,whole cumin, pepper corn,
garlic ,blend all ingredients to a fine paste.
2. Add the coconut paste to the tamarind water.(To make the tamarind
water soak the tamarind pulp in water water for 10-15 mins and squeeze
out all the juices and add 3-4 cups of water fro 2 tb sp pulp)
3. Mix the coriander powder,turmeric powder,red chilly powder salt to
the tamarind,coconut mixture.Taste the salt to perfection at this
stage,because then you wont be able to taste later as you will be
adding fish to it.
4. Clean the fish and keep it aside.

5. Now starts the curry making process.Pour the vegetable oil in a hot
pan,Splutter the mustard seeds and fenugreek seed.Add whole red
chillies,Curry leaves and onion to oil and saute for 5-7 minutes or
until the onion is soft and translucent.
6. Now time to add the tamarind and coconut mixture.
7.Bring this mixture to a boil(it may take around 5 mins) in high heat.Once
it comes to boil lower the heat.
8. Add the fish to the simmering gravy and cook in low heat for about 45
minutes.Don't stir in between,Fish in this curry is very soft so it will
break apart.You can stir very gently in between.
When the gravy reduces to almost half the original amount, the curry
is ready.
9. Serve the delicious  curry with  rice..I  love it with chapati too.

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